MetaMotive offers Engineering, Design, Development, and related Consulting Services.

If you are an inventor, small business, or start-up, we can help take your idea and make it a reality.

If you have an invention, or even an idea for an invention, we can Engineer it so that it not only works, but excels at what it does. We also can Design it for a variety of uses, incorporate human factors engineering, multiple materials, and design for manufacturability.

Since we often work with new inventors and start-ups or other early stage companies, we can also consult and advise on product strategies and platforms, including multiple embodiments to test out different markets.

We have designed multiple products in the mechanical, eletromechanical, and materials engineering spaces. We have also worked with medical products (implants and instrumentation), laboratory equipment, crafting products, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

We also can create patent drawings and prepare your invention for filing patent applications (see our "PARTNERS" tab/button).

At MetaMotive, we take your ideas and turn them into products which move your invention and your company beyond the competition.

Contact us to discuss what MetaMotive can do for you.

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